As the Indian population is ageing rapidly, geriatric dermatology is emerging as an important subspeciality of Dermatology. It has been a long felt need as there has to be a specialised approach to the management of late onset psoriasis, vitiligo, SLE, eczemas, cutaneous growths, bullous pemphigold infections, drug reaction & interactions, malignancy & skin cancer. Geriatric Aesthetics is also a rapidly evolving field since longer life span has led to growing aspiration to elderly. We as a group of dermatologists, wish to nurture this subject & rededicate ourselves towards this goal. Moving a step ahead in this regard, it’s moment of pleasure and pride for as to announce the launch of “Society of Geriatric Dermatology & Aesthetics of India.

The society intends to function on a national platform in field of dermatogeriatrics recognising the need for a 3-D approach providing appropriate guidelines for safe & effective treatment for geriatric diseases addressing aesthetic concerns of the elderly and not forgetting to take into account the emotional & psychological aspect as well.